Cleaning Up Your Credit

urlWhen you have issues on your credit report, you will find that it can affect every area of your life. Lenders have the option of raising interest rates on current and pending loans. Insurance companies may increase the premiums you pay for car insurance. Employers often use this information to determine if you are reliable also. For this reason, any negative information contained on this report needs to be corrected as quickly as possible. Many choose to make use of my credit keeper to make doing so an easy process. If you discover your credit report has errors, you can also take this task on yourself. Here is what you need to do.

Start by obtaining a current copy of your credit report. There are three major reporting agencies and you will need to request a report from each one. You may request one free copy of each report in a 12 month period. If you have been denied employment or credit as a result of information contained on a credit report, you can also request a free copy. Once you have the report in hand, review it for any negative information.

If negative information is contained in your credit report, you may wish to contact my credit keeper to help you get it cleared up. If you want to do this without assistance, write a letter to the credit bureau explaining why the information is incorrect. Provide any documentation you have that supports your claim. Wait a minimum of 30 days to ensure the credit bureau has had time to review your claim. If the information is found to be accurate, the information will remain. If it is not accurate, the credit bureau is required to remove it.

The entire process takes a great deal of time. If you want someone to assist you in cleaning up your credit report. my credit keeper is a good place to start. They will help you clean up any incorrect information on your report. In addition, they will monitor it so if anything new that is negative appears, it can be rectified in a short period of time if it is incorrect. By choosing to make use of their services, you can save yourself a great deal of time. Why not contact them today and see how they can help you?

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