February 2012

Cleaning Up Your Credit

When you have issues on your credit report, you will find that it can affect every area of your life. Lenders have the option of raising interest rates on current and pending loans. Insurance companies may increase the premiums you pay for car insurance. Employers often use this information to determine if you are reliable […]

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Monitoring Your Credit Report

Are you looking to improve your credit score? If your credit is less than perfect, you will pay higher interest rates and higher premiums for car insurance in many states. You may also be denied unemployment as a result of past financial mistakes. What do you do though when your credit is already bad? How […]

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Rest Better Because of My Credit Keeper

Identity theft is abundant. It can damage a person’s credit without their knowledge and can affect any purchase they may attempt to make for years to come. It can be quite costly and time consuming to correct any damage that was done to your credit rating. Using a service such as my credit keeper can […]

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